Don't Trust Your SEO Company Until You Can Verify Everything

Don’t Trust Your SEO Company Until You Can Verify Everything

As online businesses boom, search engine results have become an integral part of generating online traffic and marketing. Most companies find SEO-related tasks cumbersome thus outsource the work to an SEO provider or freelancer. Today, there are plenty of SEO companies promising to raise rankings and generate traffic in month or less but end up damaging or attracting penalties for creating backlinks. As such, don’t trust your SEO Company until you verify everything they tell you.

A good SEO company should deliver:

Fresh content

Fresh and engaging content has numerous benefits; builds your brand, attracts and retains users, indicates a legitimate site and gives you an opportunity to target the right keywords. Therefore, a good SEO provider (write for the reader) should generate fresh content in form of updated bog content, images, page content and articles. New blog posts allow viewers to share the content with other audience on other platforms.

Quality backlinks

A backlink is a link from an authoritative website to your website and is an essential ranking factor. Links from authority sites suggest that your site is relevant and reliable. Low quality backlinks, on the other hand, attract penalties. If the SEO provider claims to build quality backlinks the number of referring domains should rise depending on the application you are using. Additionally, you may connect your account with Google Analytics to notify you every time the company earns or loses backlinks via email. Note that if the site requires a lot of optimization or already has poor backlinks, it may take more time to see any change.

Appropriate image Alt text

An Alt text provides a description of a picture or any other application attached to an image. Verifying all Alt texts is very tasking thus SEO providers use applications like SEO Spider to sift through images that have missing alt texts.

Eye-catching metas and title tags

Title tags inform users about the content of the webpage while meta descriptions allow users to choose the link to other search results. According to recent changes in the Google search results title tags should have a minimum of 55 characters while metas should not have more than 160 characters. SEO providers creating more than 100 characters for the title tags may prove incompetent. Typical pages like the about page, Home page or Contact page should also have a Meta description.

The points discussed should help any company hire and monitor a reliable SEO provider (write for the reader). If the current provider isn’t providing results reach out to other firms for their opinion.

WordPress Themes that Define Your Website

WordPress Themes that Define Your Website

WordPress is a very useful tool for the amateur as well as the expert designer.  WordPress themes come loaded with such unique features that you can design whatever you have in mind with complete ease and expertise.  For any website to be successful, it has to have that quality of professionalism, blended with the ease of navigation which is conveniently provided by the WordPress themes.

WordPress Themes

Each theme designed in WordPress comes with such unique and diverse features that you sometimes find it difficult to choose from two good designs.  If one is good, the other is better.  The options in the WordPress themes, especially the newer premium themes are so good  that between the theme and the right plug ins result in websites that pleases the eye.

Attention Grabbing

It is important that the viewers’ attention is grabbed in the first few seconds of coming on the landing page.  If the viewer is distracted to move away from your website in those very first moments, than there is no hope that he will ever return.  It therefore makes sense to invest wisely in a theme.  Your website should have that appealing factor that beholds and bewitches the viewer right from start.  After all, first impressions are last impressions.

Choosing a Theme

When planning to design your own website, choose from popular themes which have been coded with the needs of WordPress users. Match your websites requirement with the features available in different themes.  It is important that you study the options that you have to customize your website, because you would not want your website to look like any other.  It has to have that special uniqueness.

Latest and Most Recent WordPress Themes

The latest in WordPress themes is the Grace themes, which has such amazing features that you can customize your website and make it looking both appealing and professional at the same time.  All the themes under Grace themes give you options to choose the color you like, as well as add Google fonts of your choice.

Grace themes has theme to suit every website, be it food related, health, technology or any other niche.  All you have to do is take advantage of the different and new features available and implement them to match the design that you have in mind.  Priced under $69, it is a smart deal.  No doubt, you have free themes as well, however you would still be spending to add plug-ins, as the free themes come with limitations.

If you really want your website to stand out , then the best favor you could do on yourself in invest in themes having unique features, which with a few tweaks will stand you in good stead and make you the proud owner of an amazing and powerful website.