High Voltage Power Supplies

E Series

Regulated, High-Precision, DC-to-DC High Voltage Supplies

Advanced Energy’s UltraVolt E series of regulated, DC-to-DC supplies are designed for high-performance applications where low ripple and stable performance over temperature are essential.

  • Maximum Output Voltage/Power: 15 kV DC/30 W
  • Type: Single output
  • Ripple: < 10 ppm
  • Control Interface: Analog
  • Temperature Coefficient: To 10 ppm/⁰C
  • Overview
  • Technical Specs
  • Documents
  • Service & Support


公息肉欲秀婷Our UltraVolt E series includes six models ranging from 1000 to 15,000 VDC maximum high voltage power and are available in single-output positive or negative polarities. From a 24 VDC input, the E series delivers up to 30 W of low noise, highly controllable and stable power. Controlled using a differential analog interface, a selection of electrical and mechanical integration options can be factory-configured to meet specific application needs.


  • Better measure repeatability, resolution, and longer-term tool reliability
  • Obtain more consistent high voltage performance in varying ambient temperatures and line loading conditions
  • Enhance high voltage output performance by minimizing control signal noise and drift
  • Simplify integration with more responsive control of high voltage module performance
  • Speed up both electrical and mechanical integration tasks


  • Output ripple performance < 10 ppm (0.01 Vpp)
  • Available temperature coefficient to 10 ppm/⁰C with line regulation less than 25 ppm
  • High voltage output controlled using differential analog inputs
  • Full-featured 0-to-10 VDC control and interface that includes voltage/current controls and monitors
  • Selection of electrical performance and mechanical integration options
  • Electrical

    Input Voltage

    24 VDC (positive polarity only)

    High Voltage Outputs

    Single, positive, negative, or bipolar polarity

    Temperature Coefficient

    公息肉欲秀婷25 ppm/⁰C (10 ppm/⁰C optional)

  • High Voltage Output Range

    Adjustable amplified HVout


    公息肉欲秀婷0 to 1000 VDC


    公息肉欲秀婷0 to 2000 VDC


    0 to 4000 VDC


    公息肉欲秀婷0 to 6000 VDC


    公息肉欲秀婷0 to 10,000 VDC


    0 to 15,000 VDC

  • Maximum Power Output


    公息肉欲秀婷4, 20, or 30 W


    公息肉欲秀婷4, 20, or 30 W


    公息肉欲秀婷4, 20, or 30 W


    公息肉欲秀婷4, 20, or 30 W


    4, 15, or 30 W


    公息肉欲秀婷4, 15, or 30 W

  • Ripple

    公息肉欲秀婷Lowest available with standard configuration at 100% LOAD,100% HVout

    All Models

    公息肉欲秀婷< 10 ppm

  • Environmental

    Operating Temperature Range

    10 to 45⁰C (50 to 113⁰F) case temperature


    -40 to 100⁰C (-40 to 212⁰F) case temperature


    0 to 95% RH, non-condensing

  • Mechanical

    公息肉欲秀婷Standard configuration, module body only

    L x W x H

    152 x 97 x 38 mm (6.0 x 3.8 x 1.5 in)


    562 cm3 (36.0 in3)


    1100 g (39 oz)

    Case Construction

    Anodized aluminum


    Silicone-based RTV

  • Interface


    Analog, -I10 interface

    Control Signal Levels

    Voltage: 0 to 10 VDC (full-scale)
    公息肉欲秀婷 Current: 0 to 10 VDC (full-scale)

    Control Accuracy

    Voltage/Current Output: ± 1%

    Monitor Accuracy

    Voltage/Current Output: ± 1%

    HV Output Enable/Disable


    Voltage/Current Mode Indicator


  • Options & Accessories

    Cables and Connectors

    Enhance RF immunity, mechanical robustness, and integration flexibility — output cable CA-17205-L4

    Temperature Stability

    Utilize temperature coefficients of 10 ppm or 25 ppm/⁰C to improve the stability of high voltage output

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Not all options and accessories are available for all models and configurations. Dimensions listed generally refer to standard configurations and module bodies only. Please confirm technical specifications and customizations with a sales representative. Advanced Energy is not responsible for errors or omissions.

Global Support & Services

公息肉欲秀婷Maximize fab productivity and capital equipment ROI with world-class support through each product lifecycle stage — from startup to long-term operation. Our service offerings are based on more than three decades of precision power and applications expertise.

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Applications Support & Consulting

Accelerate tool installations and process development programs, or address specific applications concerns with Advanced Energy's dedicated applications consultants and engineering staff. Benefit from on-site reviews, analyses, and consultations.

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Decrease variability in maintenance costs and provide additional cost protection. Advanced Energy offers whole-box extended warranties.

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Product Support

Inside the U.S.: 1.800.446.9167 (option 2)
Outside the U.S.

Thin Film Support
Thermal Product Support
Other Technical Support

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E Series


公息肉欲秀婷Precision High Voltage

Precision Amplifier

General Purpose

公息肉欲秀婷Capacitor Charging

Maximum Output Voltage

15 kV DC

±20 kV DC

40 kV DC

6 kV DC

Maximum Output Power

30 W

2 W

30 W

30 W


Single Output
(positive or negative polarity)

Single Output
(positive, negative, or bipolar polarity)

Single Output
公息肉欲秀婷 (positive or negative polarity)

Single Output
(positive or negative polarity)

Ripple (Best Performance)

< 10 ppm (0.01 Vpp)

500 ppm

< 100 ppm (0.03 Vpp)

公息肉欲秀婷< 167 ppm (1.0 Vpp)

Volume (Smallest Model)

562 cm3 (34.3 in3)

478 cm3 (29.2 in3)

71 cm3 (4.3 in3)

71 cm3 (4.3 in3)

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